As a child, Mikki remembers singing on the corner of her parent’s grocery store. Singing is what she knew she wanted to do and would be the stepping stone to much more to come. Her first experience was the theatrical play “Cats” and loving every bit of it, led her into other vocal adventures from “Sugar and Spice” duet to “The Sweet Divines” girl group of five. Even though these were short lived, it gave Mikki enough experience to know she was born to be a solo artist. Mikki then migrated back to Philly and had the honor of singing the National Anthem at her high school graduation. She knew her passion was in singing and writing her own songs and from then on she knew without a doubt, her calling was in sharing in song. Known for her soulful jazzy vocals and melodic tone to the deep fulfilling and intoxicating lyrics, she is determined as ever to see her destiny through. She now brings you, by way of Atlanta GA through the heart of Philadelphia PA, “The Mikki Pace Project!” She shares her essence and all that she’s known to be, from her experiences to the present journey of her life. With Mikki Pace’s own diversity in the Jazz, R&B, and Latin style, she illuminates the ability in singing, to include Pop, Country, Funk and Rock, and is open to the world of music internationally and embraces it all as one sound, one love. Introducing the one and only, in the beginning of her end: THE MIKKI PACE PROJECT!